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The long-awaited follow-up to THE AGENCY...!

Meet Julie Chavan. Julie's trying to rescue the legendary New York publishing house, WEST 57. Everyone else in her life is trying to rescue Julie. Her mother. Her ex-fiancé. Her ex-best friend. Even the ghost of her dead father. They all think they know what Julie needs.

Exuberantly funny and emotionally rich, WEST 57 will make you laugh and cry about love, friendships, and the big choices in life.

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The ninth novel from Thriller Award-winning author Brian Freeman brings the long-awaited return of one of the most distinctive detectives in crime fiction -- Cab Bolton.

"SEASON OF FEAR has everything: unexpected plot twists that keep on coming, a smart and charming hero, and a setting that's as sultry and dangerous as a tropical storm. It will blow you away." - New York Times Bestselling Author Linda Castillo

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THE COLD NOWHERE: The New Jonathan Stride Novel


The eighth psychological suspense novel by international bestselling author Brian Freeman brings the long-awaited return of Lieutenant Jonathan Stride to the bitter cold of Duluth, Minnesota.

"My mother told me that if there was ever a time in my life when I needed protection, and no one was around for me, I should go to you. Find Mr. Stride, she told me. She said you'd help me."

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TURN TO STONE: A Jonathan Stride Novella


This 50,000-word Jonathan Stride novella -- half the length of a full novel! -- works hand in hand with Brian's sixth Stride book THE COLD NOWHERE. It's a not-to-be-missed addition to the Stride series. Buy TURN TO STONE now using Pay Pal.

In TURN TO STONE, Jonathan Stride stops in a snowy small-town cemetery to visit his mother's grave, but he finds himself a witness to a shocking act of violence. Stride is a stranger in town, and the local police don't want him there...but his search for the truth makes him fear that a gruesome crime is about to happen.

You can buy TURN TO STONE right now in the Kindle US store or in the Nook store. Or you can buy it overseas at the Kindle UK store. Want more? Start reading TURN TO STONE right now...!

SPITTING DEVIL: A Jonathan Stride Short Story


This terrifying 15,000-word Jonathan Stride short story follows on the heels of Brian's fifth book, THE BURYING PLACE. Don't miss this very special bonus addition to the Stride series!

The plot, about a woman's terror over the growing evidence that her husband is a serial killer, will glue you to your seat -- and keep your skin crawling until the early hours of the morning. When the story was released to the free Kindle store in the UK, it shot to #1! You can buy "Spitting Devil" right now in the Kindle US store or in the Nook store. Or you can buy it overseas at the Kindle UK store. Want more? Start reading "Spitting Devil" right now...!

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Bonus Content

IMMORAL: Bonus Scenes. If you've already read Brian's first book IMMORAL, here are four bonus scenes not available anywhere in print. These scenes provide shocking background secrets about many of the main characters. (Spoiler Alert: Don't read these scenes if you haven't already read IMMORAL!)

The Underground Railroad. This story of a lawyer helping an abused wife was an exclusive bonus feature in the U.S. book club edition of Brian's first novel IMMORAL, which was a Main Selection in the Literary Guild and Book of the Month Club.

The Cat Trap. This short story about a painter tormented by a feral cat originally appeared in an anthology published in German by Der Club, Germany's largest book club.

Brian on YouTube. Every now and then, Brian makes a video. Usually a big mistake. See outtakes from a message to Australian booksellers, Brian attempting to speak Portugese, and a trailer for STRIPPED (done by a real filmmaker, not Brian). If he's foolish enough to appear on camera again, you'll see it here.

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Brian on Brian: What Are Psychological Thrillers?

What can you expect from Brian's books? Here's how he describes them in his own words:

I've never been a fan of putting novels in boxes.

To me, each novel should stand on its own based on its plot and characters, because the styles of all good authors are necessarily different. You may find echoes from author to author, or even book to book, but each novel (even among a series from the same writer) should rise or fall on its unique merits.

Here's an example. The Chicago Tribune review of STALKED said that my books should be on the to-read list for anyone who enjoys books by Harlan Coben and David Baldacci. I'm not complaining! That's high praise to be put in the company of two very successful writers. But my style really isn't much like either Coben's or Baldacci's. Yes, my books are fast-paced, with lots of twists and turns, like their novels, but I don't do suburban suspense like Harlan or political thrillers like David.

On the other hand, I know it's a useful shortcut for readers. If you like Coben, or Baldacci, or Connelly, or Cornwell, will you like my books? I think you will. But the reading experience will be as different as it is for each of those authors.

If I have to build a box, I want it to be my own box. So when readers ask me to give my books a label, here's what I say: If I had to carve out my specific niche in the big, wide genre of mysteries and suspense, I'd call my novels psychological thrillers.

The drama isn't about how the crime was committed (as in a literary game of Clue) or even really about how the crime is solved (such as in the forensic novels of Patricia Cornwell or Kathy Reichs or the police procedurals of Michael Connelly). Instead, the focus is really on why a crime took place to begin with. What was it about the backgrounds of the characters that drew them across a terrible line?

The result is that, chapter by chapter, the story peels back the emotions, secrets, and sexuality of the characters. Yes, there are police investigating crimes, but their voices are not the only ones in the novel. We are also pulled inside the heads of other characters, and we get to know them as complex, multi-dimensional individuals, not all good, not all bad. The suspense and drama are driven by their actions and motives. As a result, the ending should not only be shocking and unexpected; it also should feel like the last piece in the emotional puzzle and the right psychological resolution.

I actually have a specific goal for people reading my books. I want you to read them twice. The pace should be so fast that you have to keep turning the pages to get to the breathtaking climax and find out what happens and why. But when you're done, I want you to feel compelled to go back and read parts of the novel again, to pick up the nuances of the characters you may have missed the first time. The beauty of a psychological thriller is that, once you know the secrets, the drama of the interactions changes and becomes something completely different. Suddenly, you know the back story; you know what's in the back of the characters' minds. It gives you a whole new perspective on the novel.

That's my box.

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