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2011 Thriller Awards


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One cold night. Two shocking mysteries.

In the quiet town of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, a baby vanishes from her bedroom in an opulent lakeside home. Was she abducted – or does her father have a terrible secret to hide?

That same night, a young policewoman gets lost in the fog and stumbles into the middle of a horrific crime. Now a sadistic killer wants her to play his deadly game.

Lieutenant Jonathan Stride and his team need to move fast to save a child and stop a killing spree. As fear grips the winter farm lands, Stride knows that every snow-covered field may be the next burying place.

Each twist in the investigation takes Stride into an elaborate web of deceit and desire. But his biggest obstacles may be the very people he’s trying to help. With everything at risk and time running out, Stride worries how far a desperate mother will go to rescue her baby – and how far a desperate cop will go to save herself.

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SPITTING DEVIL: A Jonathan Stride Short Story


This terrifying 15,000-word Jonathan Stride short story follows on the heels of Brian's fifth book, THE BURYING PLACE. Don't miss this very special bonus addition to the Stride series!

The plot, about a woman's terror over the growing evidence that her husband is a serial killer, will glue you to your seat -- and keep your skin crawling until the early hours of the morning. When the story was released to the free Kindle store in the UK, it shot to #1! You can buy "Spitting Devil" right now in the Kindle US store or in the Nook store. Or you can buy it overseas at the Kindle UK store. Want more? Start reading "Spitting Devil" right now...!



By Brian Freeman

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"My discovery this year has been the Edgar-nominated crime writer Brian Freeman....Fleshed-out characters, high tension and terrifying twists put Freeman up there with Harlan Coben in the psychological crime stratosphere."
– Daily Mail

"With a whopping surprise solution, Freeman's latest packs quite a punch from cradle to grave."
– Kirkus Reviews

"The suspense driving this novel is palpable from opening pages that are as gripping as any I've read in a thriller this year."
– Star Tribune

"Crisp dialogue, steady suspense, and a cast of original characters drive this fifth entry in Macavity Award-winner Freeman's excellent series."

"Just when you think an author couldn't possibly take it up another notch, you read a new outing like this. Freeman goes the distance, and then some....providing an almost unbearable dose of suspense and tantalizing questions that makes the reader tempted to go straight to the end to see where all the answers lie. And Freeman's vibrant detailing of the wind and snow-covered environs of Minnesota add even more to this already deliciously chilling read."
–New Mystery Reader

"Freeman begins dropping explosive revelations early in THE BURYING PLACE, while saving a series of major ones for the climax...don't even think about starting to read it without blocking out several hours. You won't want to put this one down without finishing it."

"Powerful storytelling with loads of suspense"
–Deadly Pleasures

"Although a police procedural powers the mystery facet of "The Burying Place," buried emotions that put characters on the edge fuel the heart of Brian Freeman's fifth novel about Minnesota police detective Jonathan Stride."
–South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Addictive and intelligent... The Burying Place, with its darkly nightmarish title, is right up there with [Freeman's] best"
–The Mercury, Australia

"If by Chapter Fifteen you believe that you already know what the outcome of The Burying Place will be, by about Chapter Fifty you will have begun to realize that your assumptions were all wrong - you had absolutely no clue where this story was headed, what secrets have been buried. Nothing about these crimes is as simple as it first appears to be. And this sense of belated discovery on the part of the reader is one of the hallmarks of a truly great mystery novel."
–Gumshoe Review

"Raised from the merely formulaic by Freeman's emotional literacy, sense of place and an uncanny ability to wrong-foot the reader and produce a wholly unexpected ending, The Burying Place is far more than the sum of its parts."

"Those perspicacious enough to pick up Brian Freeman's striking novel will discover a writer who is firmly in control of his craft -- and, what's more, is not content to tackle familiar, comfortable territory for the crime novel. This is disturbing fare which takes the reader into some singularly dark places -- and, as such, is not for those looking to be soothed by their crime fiction. But for readers prepared to tackle more challenging material, The Burying Place is well worth investigating. Freeman's particular skill is in the establishment of an atmosphere of menace, conjured to perfection here."
– The Good Book Guide

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